The phytosanitary protection
Responsible: Cristina Boboc 0724 581 021 / 0232 215 065

Develop plant protection technologies for major tree species using the new and effective pesticides, including biological

• Establish the annual program against pathogens and pests, for apple including the newest and the best pesticide performance.

• Establishing the optimal timing of treatment application to control codling moth - Cydia pomonella by using pheromone traps, Atrapom type;

• Experiencing the biological control of codling moth - Cydia pomonella by using entomophagous insects like Trichogramma sp.

• Testing the effectiveness of biological products : Siposan 2 and Foray 48 B in controlling the codling moth caterpillars defoliating;

• Determine the structure and dynamics of beetles in apple plantations for use in biological control;

• Determine the annual program phytosanitary treatments on sour cherrys;

• Reduce the number of treatments on sour cherry plant, using pesticides effectively;

Obtaining planting material free of virus diseases of fruit growing and high biological value.

SCDP Iasi ensure the fruit tree nursery seedlings own high biological value and almost entirely free of virus diseases ( biological test material ) in a suitable area and assortment:

• March: Idared, Jonathan, Delia, Ionagold, Starkrimson, Golden Spur, Florina, Generous, Voinea, Pioneer etc.

• Pear: Beurre Hardy, Euras, Cure, Monica

• Quince: De Husi, Berezcki, Aurii, Moldovenesti.

• Cherry: Van, Stella, Bing, Boambe de Cotnari, Scorospelka, Rivan, Maria, Cetatuia, Golia, Stefan, George, Iasirom etc.
• Sour cherry: Mocanesti, Crisana, Nana, Ilva, Northstar, Schattenmorelle, etc.

Laboratory of Plant Protection advises on specific issues on request :