Produse Pomicola Iasi


  • Chief Engineer:               Perju Ionel             - tel. 0722.636.975

  • Chief Accountant Ec.:     Mircea Zauca        - tel. 0723.477.292

We sell fresh fruit in refrigerated warehouse Sarca:

         •   Cherries  - 300 tons/year
         •   Cherry      - 200 tons/year
         •   Apple       - 4000 tons/year

Marketing of dendrologic plants for parks, gardens, roads, and other exterior design projects.

Marketing of fruit tree seedlings - over 100,000 units annually - of any kind of fruit: apple, pear, quince, apricot, cherry, cherry, plum, peach and novelty walnut varieties grafted their own at the Nursery Sarca.

Services for storage of fruits by interested parties.

Economic and specialist consultants.

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